A game by Hanford Lemoore


FOR HIRE: Lead Artist

We're looking for a Full Time lead 3d artist to pull together the look of Maquette.

Maquette is a first person puzzle game set in a whimsical world of castles,
temples, carnivals, secret grottos, treehouses, and
many other fantastical places.

Our lead artist will be responsible for all the 3d architecture,
lighting and coloring, and feel of the game. During pre-production we
pulled together the building blocks of our world, but our lead artist is tasked with
truly bringing a sense of personality, style, and wonder to the world of Maquette.

We're looking at everyone, but ideally you are:

- Experienced with 3d; specificially architecture
- Have a great sense of color and lighting
- Technically proficient in Unity, especially lighting
- Available soon for full time work
- maybe even make our horrible looking website look better?

To view our visual inspiration blog:

Use the password "evocore" at this link
(without quotes, obviously)


To Apply

Contact the founder at



About Us

Here's what you need to know:

- Maquette is fully funded and is going into
full production

- Maquette has be lauded by both the press and the indie dev community,
including praises/support from Jon Blow (The Witness, Braid), Chris Hecker (Spore, Spy Party) ,
Robin Hunike (Journey, Phenomena), Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), and many more

- Founded by Hanford Lemoore, previously a game designer for
LucasArts, Walt Disney Imagineering and
product designer for Netflix, & Google